Shop Fitting Ideas for 2015

ireland shop fittersShop Fitting Ideas 2015

Please see below some shopfitting ideas for 2015. DDC Shopfit & Design are a family operated shop fitting and design business with over 27 years’ experience. We have our own in-house design, joinery, spraying and installation departments in order to streamline costs more effectively for our customers.

At DDC Shopfit we feel these shop fitting ideas will help our clients to drive new sales and increase revenue.

Floating shelves for Shop Displays.

This is not exactly an innovation, but floating shelves seem to be finding their way into almost any modern looking interior design. They work very well with small spaces. This is why it’s also a favourite shelving and display solution among leading shopfitting suppliers in Ireland. Why? It looks neat, saves plenty of floor space, and gives the displayed item, literally, an elevated look.

Make your shop design concept work for you

If you’re displaying a new product, you’ll no doubt have a strong concept behind it. This same concept has probably been used to dress up your ads. Use this concept to help design your store as well, especially if the product is your flagship item. You can either design the entire environment of your store or dedicate a wall or a corner for it. Some telecommunications companies, for example, will design their stores based on the latest promos they’re holding. Your shop fitting company will be able to advise you on this and the in-house Shopfit designer will be able to come up with 3D visuals so you can see exactly what the concept will look like.

Make it feel like home

Some customers keep on coming back because they feel comfortable in a specific coffee shop or clothing store. The shop owners have wisely invested in a shop fitting design that’s cosy enough to feel like home.

For example, coffee shop fitout designer might install couches instead of bar stools, and allow customers to hook up their laptops. The backdrop, instead of cold grey, could be in brick, and there’s a corner that closely resembles a fireplace, but is actually a neat design of the coffee shop’s gift items or confectionery.

A shop fitting design for a clothing store, on the other hand, can be designed to look like a stylish walk-in closet, with comfortable fitting rooms, open closets, neat displays, and a couch for the customer’s companion. The key here is to make the customers feel comfortable in your business.

Create a striking environment

Some of our clients have chosen to stand out, and most of them have found this helps to keep the sales coming. You can choose a spacey, monochromatic theme if your brand or clothing line runs along the same lines.

You can also make your shelves unconventional – bordering on installation artwork. Just make sure they’re still functional and can still hold the items you are trying to sell. Again your shopfitter will be able to supply you with 3D proposals to show what the shop fitout will look like

Rustic Timber use in Shop Design

Nothing contrasts with the bright colours and clean lines of great merchandise like rustic timber. When looking for unique shop fittings, think contrast and go with something with the reclaimed look. As a leading shop fitter in Ireland, our designers have designed shops with this look and effect.

Copper Pipe (And Gauge) Shelves

What a unique way to create shelves. If you’ve got a raw brick wall (or you’re happy to fake it) just begging for some stylish display space, this could be your answer. Our shop designers can show you examples of this and shop fitouts we have done to use as an example

Timber Boxes

Timber box compartments are a minimalist, almost scandinavian style that provides a lot of flexibility and still looks great even when your short (or flush) on stock. It works perfectly for wine stores, but it could work equally well with numerous other products.

Industrial Chic

Industrial look is very popular in shop fitting. Depending on your product range, Building materials like reinforcement bars, steel mesh and reclaimed timber are combined with industrial look light fittings. The look is raw and chic.

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